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Stripped Naked and Humiliated by US Soldiers

Amnesty International expressed concern today at the disturbing article and images portrayed in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet which show American soldiers escorting naked Iraqi men through a park in Baghdad. The pictures reveal that someone has written the words ‘Ali Baba – Haram(i)’ (which means Ali Baba – thief) in Arabic on the prisoners’ chests.

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Declaration of the Ecumenical Bishops Forum

The Executive Committee of the Ecumenical Bishops Forum, having affirmed its commitment for justice and peace in the Philippines, and as a concrete act of that commitment hereby declares that:

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Illegal Practice of Police Child Detention



Dear Dr. Quisumbing:

We write to appeal to the Commission on Human Rights to investigate the illegal detention of children in conflict with the law in police jails nationwide and then to issue an official statement condemning this institutionalized form of human rights violation.

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Resume Formal Peace Talks Now!


[Editors note: Pilgrims for Peace is a broad alliance of advocates of a lasting peace based on freedom, democracy and social justice. We are Christians, Muslims and people of other faiths. We come from our churches, academic institutions and organizations. We call for the formal resumption of the peace negotiations between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines as well as with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.]
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A Most Unholy Week

Like Rey, the eight other victims were also shot to death. Seven of them had broken skulls, their brains blown away. The lone woman, Rowena, 26, died when a bullet crashed into her head; she was believed to be pregnant.

By Roxanne Omega-Doron

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Gruesome Killing Enrages Militants

NPA Vows Revolutionary Justice

Intense grief and anger. The two explosive emotions were already present during the press conference on April 23 when militant groups first announced the murder of their two leaders in Southern Tagalog. But when the remains were found and the brutality of their deaths was exposed, the grief turned into overwhelming grief, the anger into explosive anger. They enveloped the two-day wake at the UP chapel and last Saturdays protest march. If the killings were meant to frighten militants, they ironically accomplished the opposite, as grieving friends and relatives called on the New Peoples Army to bring perpetrators to justice.

By Ronalyn Olea

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The NDFP in Utrecht: The Untold Story

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) international representatives have been holding office in Utrecht, the Netherlands for several decades now. In fact, among Filipino tourists and several Philippine government functionaries, Utrecht has only two major attractions worth visiting the Utrecht Dom (once the tallest architecture in flat Netherlands), and the NDFP international information office.

By D.L. Mondelo
Chief Political Correspondent in Europe

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In Iraq, Real Fighting has Just Begun

The coalition forces that attacked Iraq on March 20, led by the U.S., have from all indications achieved a military victory and seem to have attained the objective of toppling the government of Saddam Hussein. But the warm welcomes they seem to have received in Baghdad and Basra notwithstanding, the war is far from over. More and more Iraqis are showing that they do not want to have to choose between two masters, that they want to be their own masters.

By Alexander Martin Remollino

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Defending the Earth: A Day of Protest Songs and Anti-Imperialist Art

An Earth Day concert and exhibit in Quezon City featured artists protesting the destruction of the environment by U.S. wars of aggression.

By Alexander Martin Remollino

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Prospects for the Resumption of Peace Talks Under the Macapagal-Arroyo Administr



[Note: This speech was delivered last April 24, 2003 during the round table discussion with the media on the prospects of GRP-NDFP peace negotiations at the Rembrandt Hotel, Quezon City, sponsored by the People’s Media Center, Pilgrims for Peace and PPC.]
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Ang mga Bangkay

Ni Mark Angeles

Tirik ang araw ng katanghalian
kung bakit basa ng luha
ang madlang simoy ng hangin.
Sa kalsada, dalawang bangkay
ang itinutulak ng isang pulutong,
nakataas ang kamao nila,
bumabaon ang mga kuko sa palad,
may namumuong buhawi sa kanilang bibig,
dinudurog ng galit ang kanilang mga ngipin.
May pulang telong nakabalot
sa dalawang ataul, bakit?
May duguang mga titik sa bandila’t
plakard, iwinawagayway ng mga babae.
Galing sa Mindoro ang mga bangkay,
may mga basyo raw ng balang
bumaon sa kanilang katawan.
Ikatatlumpu’t isang aktibistang
pinaslang ang lalaki–
si Eddie Gumanoy, lider-pesante,
ikatatlumpu’t dalawa ang babae–
si Eden Marcellana, kalihim ng isang samahang
nagsusulong ng karapatang-pantao
sa Timog Katagalugan.
At sumisigaw silang nakakurdon
ng mga bisig, silang pawang mga magsasaka,
manggagawa, estudyante, relihiyoso,
Pagbayarin, singilin ng dugo
ang dugo sa mga kamay ng mga maysala:
204th Infantry Brigade ng Mindoro Oryental
at ng kumander nitong si Col. Jovito Palparan Jr.

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War Coverage Rewrites History

By Danny Schechter, Globalvision News Network/AlterNet

The non-stop news cycle turns breaking events into history with an unprecedented rapidity. Soon we will be flooded with books, videocassettes and documentaries about Operation Iraqi Freedom through a media recycling operation already in high gear.

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May Muling Pagkabuhay

Ni Alexander Martin Remollino

Isang bangkay
na nakalagak sa kuwebang
binubusalan ng bato
ang katarungan sa Mindoro–
ipinako sa krus
ng mga senturyon
niyaong kayumangging Poncio Pilato
nang kanilang paslangin
sina Eddie Gumanoy at Eden Marcellana.

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Nobel Peace Laureates on the War in Iraq

Nobel Peace laureates share their thoughts on the ongoing war in Iraq.
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MSNBC Reveals Facts on Israel’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

By Ira Chernus

Most astounding web page of the week:

Here is MSNBC, giving us more information on Israel’s weapons of mass
destruction (WMD)than I’ve seen in any left-wing or peace-activist
news source. Here is the mainstream U.S. media, that beast we love to
hate, giving us a story that gives away the store.

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