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Pentagon Aims Guns at Lynch Reports

Robert Scheer, AlterNet
May 29, 2003

It is one thing when the talk-show bullies, who shamelessly smeared the last president even as he attacked the training camps of Al Qaeda, now term it anti-American or even treasonous to dare criticize the Bush administration. It’s another when our Pentagon — a $400-billion-a-year juggernaut — savages individual journalists for questioning its version of events.
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The View From the Middle of the Road

By Liv Dillon, AlterNet

Several weeks ago my mother made a comment to me about free speech in America. She said that it wasn’t really free if you got arrested every time you exercised your right to dissent. She’s no radical, but the sentiment is becoming clearer and clearer even to those standing most firmly in the middle of the road.

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Strange Weather Lately

Kurt Vonnegut, In These Times/AlterNet
May 19, 2003

The following is adapted from a Clemens Lecture presented in April for the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut.

First things first: I want it clearly understood that this mustache I’m wearing is my father’s mustache. I should have brought his photograph. My big brother Bernie, now dead, a physical chemist who discovered that silver iodide can sometimes make it snow or rain, he wore it, too.
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One Filipina For Sale : Philippine President Visits White House

Joint Statement by Ninotchka Rosca, International Spokesperson of GABRIELA Purple Rose Campaign Against The Sex Trafficking of Filipinas, and GABRIELA Network USA.

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No to Repression and State Terror! Oppose the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2003!

by Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN)

May 19, 2003

We are deeply concerned about the spate of apparent terrorist acts that have shaken the country, especially in various parts of Mindanao.
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Painting for Peace

By Fe B. Zamora
Inquirer News Service

Rameer Tawasil was only 5 when Jolo was turned into a bloody battleground between the Tausug mujahedeens and soldiers in February, 1974.

“My sister carried me piggy-back style, and we just ran,” Rameer recalled. He saw bullets whizzing by and bombs raining upon the Jolo landscape. He remembered tongues of flames leaping wildly, lapping at a wide swath of homes, including the Tawasil residence in the port area.

The Tawasils fled Jolo along with hundreds of Joloanos who were picked up by a passing Japanese cargo ship and unloaded in Zamboanga City. Rameer settled in Zamboanga City with his other siblings. He mixed with Christian children, and lived a life as normal and as peaceful as the environs could provide. But the trauma of that fateful day now known as the Burning of Jolo haunted him.
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Cavite Farmer Killed in Police Hunt vs NPA; Two Others Held

First, the three farmers were paraded like hunting trophies and were fingered as NPA guerrillas around Maragondon. One of them was found dead later, his body sprayed with bullets and blasted with a grenade. The two others were detained without warrant.

By Alexander Martin Remollino

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Amnesty International: Security in Iraq Paramount to Humanitarian Assistance

(Washington, DC) – Today Bill Frelick, Refugee Program Director for Amnesty International USA, provided written testimony for the House Government Reform Committee on the urgent need for the US and UK occupying powers to establish a secure environment before effective humanitarian aid can begin. Frelick recently returned from a two-week Amnesty International research mission to Southern Iraq, during which the team traveled to Basra to collect civilian testimonies, consult with officials of the US and UK forces, and meet with humanitarian organizations. Amnesty International believes that the pervasive lawlessness following military operations in Iraq is severely obstructing badly needed humanitarian efforts.

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CPP Suspects CIA Terrorist Cell for Saudi Arabia Bombings

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

Press Release
May 13, 2003

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The Daughter I Can’t Hear From

By Carrie Corrie
May 15, 2003

Remarks delivered at Sylvester Park, Olympia, Washington, May 11, 2003.

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Ramsey Clark on Shooting Looters

May 14, 2003

President George W. Bush
The White House
By fax: 202-456-2461
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Bush,

The authorization to U.S. military personnel in Iraq to shoot looters reported in the press today must be
rescinded immediately. Neither the laws of war, nor peace, or any legal definition of “American Justice”, authorize soldiers, or police to shoot looters. Any soldier who shoots a looter has committed armed assault if injury results and murder if death results. You must not put this Iraqi blood on the hands and conscience of young American soldiers.

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A Roadmap to Nowhere

By Brendan O’Neill, Spiked Online/AlterNet

“There can be no peace for either side … unless there is freedom for both,” declared President George W Bush, as he introduced his roadmap for peace in the Middle East to an expectant world (1).
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Pilit na Hinahanap ng Mindanao

Ni Alexander Martin Remollino

Pilit na hinahanap ng Mindanao
ang awit ng puting kalapati.
Ngunit walang marinig doon
kundi ang bangayan ng mga baril
at ang mga yabag ng mga granada.

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Invitation to a Forum

You are invited to a MULTISECTORAL FORUM on the
Anti-Terrorism Bill of 2003 (ATB)

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The Geneva Declaration on Terrorism

UN General Assembly Doc. A/42/307, 29 May 1987, Annex

Geneva, 21 March 1987

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