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Petition letter urging for a peaceful resolution of the North Korean Crisis

by John Hallam
Nuclear Weapons Campaigner
Friends of the Earth-Australia

Dear Parliamentarian or Organisation,


So far over 100 organisations and parliamentarians have signed on to this letter urging a peaceful solution to the North Korean crisis.

If you/your organisation have not yet signed it, you are urged to do so.
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Military solution won’t work against separatism

By Juan T. Gatbonton, The Sunday Times

In both the Philippines and Indonesia, central governments are trying forcibly to damp down Muslim separatist movements. But I for one doubt whether the military solution will work in either country. While the approach is always attractive–especially to the generals–force by itself only generates more sympathy for the rebels among the minority communities.
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ICC immunity deal with US, GMA’s ‘exchange gift’ to Bush?

by Bayan Muna Partylist

May 29, 2003

BAYAN MUNA party-list representative Satur Ocampo today urged Pres. Gloria
Macapagal-Arroyo to reveal to the public “everything that she has
committed” to the United States government in exchange for the country’s
tagging as a “major non-NATO ally” and the billions in military aid
recently pledged by the US.
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