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NDFP announcement of the Resumption of Formal Peace Talks

NDFP announcement of the Resumption of Formal Peace Talks with the GRP
Negotiating Panel
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
January 13, 2004

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Analysis: Another Standoff in GRP-NDFP Talks Looms

The lack of sincerity of the GRP in forging peace with the NDFP and the
continued foreign meddling are proving to be the main obstacles to the
peace process. The government remains bound to its archaic and
inflexible position that the only way to peace is for the NDFP to
surrender. What the GRP is asking is not peace but a prolonged war.

By Bobby Tuazon
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Humanizing the War: GRP, NDFP form body to monitor HR agreement

The Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) will receive complaints relating to
violations of human rights and international humanitarian law by forces
of both the GRP and NDFP and all relevant information, and to initiate
recommendations or requests for the implementation of the CARHRIHL.

By Alexander Martin Remollino
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