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International Response to the Bush Declaration on the Palestinian Right to Retur

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In response to the most recent declaration given by President of the United States, George W. Bush, to Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, on April 14, 2004, at the White House, we, the undersigned affirm the full individual and collective inalienable Right to Return of the Palestinian Arab People to their homes, property and land of origin. We assert in no uncertain terms that such a fundamental right is inviolable as it is based on the unbreakable natural belonging of a people to their property and place of origin, as enshrined in international law. Accordingly, we hold that the Palestinian Right to Return is an indispensable obligatory prerequisite for the achievement of any justice and peace.
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Statement of Iraq Solidarity

We, representatives of various organizations in the Philippines, have formed ourselves into a solidarity alliance called “Iraq Solidarity” in support of the Iraqi people’s intensifying struggle against the illegal occupation of their land and to demand the withdrawal of US, British and other allied troops from Iraq. From our own government, we demand the immediate pullout of Philippine troops in Iraq.

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