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Stop the War and Pursue Peace Talks Now!

(Call of the Interfaith Youth to End Hostilities in Sulu and Basilan)
National Interfaith Youth Leaders Conference
Bishop La Verne Mercado Ecumenical Center, NCCP
August 24-27, 2007

Let the deafening cry for peace of our brothers and sisters in Mindanao be heard! May an end to the war be sought in the spirit of justice and lasting peace!

The war in Basilan and Sulu is but the latest chapter in the historical conflict in Mindanao. For the Moro people, bloodshed, displacement, and fear had become a familiar scenario. The vicious cycle of violence had claimed thousands of lives, further insecurity, and human rights violations. The same holds true to the Christians and Indigenous People who are also victims of the war in the affected areas.

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Statement of the Religions for Peace Philippines Interfaith Youth Network

National Youth Leaders Interfaith Cooperation Conference
Bp. La Verne D. Mercado Ecumenical Center,
National Council of Churches in the Philippines
Quezon City, Philippines
August 24-27, 2007

We are youth of diverse backgrounds; our faiths, cultures and traditions differentiate and separate us in many ways. Yet, we are united by our longing for peace, justice, and morality that the dismal situation of our society had denied from us.

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