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“No Bush”

Protesters display “No Bush” posters during a rally near the U.S. Embassy in Manila on Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2003, to begin a 10-day countdown leading to President Bush’s visit to the Philippines. Bush is to meet with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, one of America’s staunchest allies, ahead of a summit of Asia-Pacific leaders in Thailand.

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Ano Ang Mali sa Larawang Ito?

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Free Funk

Painting for Peace

By Fe B. Zamora
Inquirer News Service

Rameer Tawasil was only 5 when Jolo was turned into a bloody battleground between the Tausug mujahedeens and soldiers in February, 1974.

“My sister carried me piggy-back style, and we just ran,” Rameer recalled. He saw bullets whizzing by and bombs raining upon the Jolo landscape. He remembered tongues of flames leaping wildly, lapping at a wide swath of homes, including the Tawasil residence in the port area.

The Tawasils fled Jolo along with hundreds of Joloanos who were picked up by a passing Japanese cargo ship and unloaded in Zamboanga City. Rameer settled in Zamboanga City with his other siblings. He mixed with Christian children, and lived a life as normal and as peaceful as the environs could provide. But the trauma of that fateful day now known as the Burning of Jolo haunted him.
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Winning the Battle But Losing the War and Peace editorial
April 12, 2003

The military and technological superiority of the invading Anglo-American armies was expected to beat the resistance of the Iraqi people in defense of their homeland. It was a case of overkill. But more than winning the battle(s), have the hearts and minds of the Iraqi and Arab peoples been won over by the invading armies? Or, have these hearts and minds been alienated to the very extreme, that, as the Egyptian President recently stated, “The U.S. invasion of Iraq has in fact created 100 Osama Bin Ladens.”

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Suntukin si Bush dito.

Stop the killing! Respect the Iraqi People!

‘Operation Iraqi Freedom. Sounds good. But wait, it is the US who’s talking. Something is wrong here. If there is someone who knows what is best for Iraq, it should be the Iraqi people themselves. If the Iraqi people have problem with Saddam, then they should be the one who must liberate themselves from Saddam. But why is the US so eager to attack Iraq?

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These women who attended a peace rally at San Pedro, Laguna last March 29, hope to send the balloons and this peace message to both the Iraq and United States governments. (Photo by Dennis Espada)

Bush’s All-Purpose Solution For Everything

No Blood for Oil Poster by Steven Lyons

Source: The Illustrations of Steven Lyons