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How Much Is the Philippine Government Spending for Bush?

“How much is the Philippine government spending for the upcoming state visit of US President George Bush?” Bayan Muna Partylist Representative Liza Largoza Maza posed this question today amid what she dubbed as excessive and preposterous security preparations.

“Already, the House of Representatives is spending at least Php3M for the renovation of the north lounge. Certainly, preparations for and the visit of Mr. Bush itself will entail extensive beautification campaigns and intensified security measures. How much will all these cost?” asked Rep. Maza.

Rep. Maza said the public should not be kept in the dark over the cost of hosting a state visit for the US President. “We have the right to at least know how much of the people’s money is going straight to the US garbage bin.”

The lady solon stressed that government money to be spent for the visit of US President Bush is better allocated to more relevant expenditures that will compensate for the government’s insufficient bugetary support for health and education. Allocation for health services in the 2004 budget amounts to only Php12.9B while education will get a mere Php133.9B or 15.5% of the proposed budget, less that half of what is allocated to debt servicing.

“We cannot afford to spend lavishly for the visit of one person when millions of our people are being deprived of basic services.”

On arguments that the visit of US President George Bush would bring about more military support from the US, the lady solon has this to say:

“We do not need any more of the US military aid and assistance that comes with inequitable agreements, the cavorting of US troops with Filipino women, the proliferation of sexually transmitted infections and the unhampered utilization of our territory and resources. How ever much we are spending for Mr. Bush, it is certainly not worth it.”