Young Filipinos opposed to the US war on Iraq

Our Future Is Not for Sale

Ederic Eder
Dennis Espada
Garry Lazaro
Marichu Ocson
Raymond Palatino
Alexander Martin Remollino
PJ Villarta


US President George W. Bushs visit to the Philippines marks the first of a series of state visits that will also span Thailand, Japan, and Australia. These are countries that supported Bushs wars against Afghanistan and Iraq.

The attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq were staged supposedly to eliminate their threats of terrorism. Afghanistan was allegedly harboring international terrorist Osama bin Laden, suspected of ordering the September 11, 2001 attacks carried out not by Afghans but by Saudis. The Saddam Hussein regime, ostensibly a threat to world peace, was allegedly building weapons of mass destruction.

But the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq have failed to measure up to Bushs professed objectives. There is not a single trace of Bin Laden in Afghanistan. The only traces of weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq are the remnants of depleted uranium bombs used in previous attacks by US forces.

Meanwhile, hardly a whimper has been heard from the US against Israels attacks on Palestine and Syria.

The common thread between Afghanistan and Iraq is that both are oil-rich countries that have struggled mightily to resist the onslaughts of the US economic empire.

The so-called war on error, is, then, nothing but a war for cash disguised with sanctimonious slogans to look like a holy war against the demon of terrorism.

Bush is visiting the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, and Australia to show an outraged worldspoken for by no less than respected leaders Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, and Pope John Paul IIthat his governments unconscionable war still has support to speak of. We fully expect Mr. Bush to thank the leaders of these countries for their support and urge the strengthening of the anti-terror cooperation. He will be showing the world that there are others like him who are willing to shed blood for dollars.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in her usual fashion, will no doubt call out to her fellow leaders around the world for greater unity against terrorism.

We, young Filipino advocates of peace with justice, thus make it known in the strongest terms that Mr. Bush and his satrap Ms. Macapagal-Arroyo do not speak for the entire Filipino youth. There are many among us whose stomachs recoil at the sight of spoils from a war driven by the basest greed. As inheritors of tomorrow, we do not desire a future in which our leaders are only too willing to trade such sacred rights as sovereignty for blood money.

We know not what others desire, but as for us, our future is not for sale.