Young Filipinos opposed to the US war on Iraq

Stop the killing! Respect the Iraqi People!

‘Operation Iraqi Freedom. Sounds good. But wait, it is the US who’s talking. Something is wrong here. If there is someone who knows what is best for Iraq, it should be the Iraqi people themselves. If the Iraqi people have problem with Saddam, then they should be the one who must liberate themselves from Saddam. But why is the US so eager to attack Iraq?

To help the Iraqi People?
I really don’t get this. Based on several reports, a number of innocent civilians were already killed courtesy of the coalition forces; several properties were destroyed, a number of families displaced. What kind of help is it? Well, properties can be restored and Baghdad can be rebuild. But what about people’s lives? Ah, collateral damage. That’s how they call it. But are we just dealing with statistics here? Or are we dealing with people’s lives?

To destroy weapons of mass destruction?
Great. The US attacked Iraq even without the final resolution from UN. The UN inspection team sent to Iraq do not have the final report yet. On its initial report, it didn’t confirm that Iraq is keeping or producing weapons of mass destruction like what the US is being concerned about. However, it did find a certain type of missile which does not conform to the UN Standards but the Iraqi government agreed to dismantle it. The US is just so eager to attack Iraq and can’t wait for the UN resolution. What rule do we have here? If a country is suspected by US to be producing weapons of mass destruction, it shall expect military aggression from the Mighty US?

To safeguard the US citizens from terrorism?
Ok. The 9/11 WTC attack is not justified. It’s plain terrorism. Horrifying. Agreed. But the US retaliation is not justified either! When it retaliated against Afghanistan, a number of innocent civilians were killed. And did they solve the terrorism? Very far from it. As a matter of fact, what the US did against Afghanistan just fanned the anger of our Muslim brothers.

Let us look at it deeper. What motivated those people behind the WTC 9/11 attack? Is there such a thing as natural born terrorist? I honestly doubt it. Or could it be the product of years of US foreign intervention? Remember Vietnam? Korea? Philippines? And a number of Latin American Countries? In the Philippines alone more than a million Filipinos were killed during the Filipino-American War. Isn’t it about time for the US to review its foreign policies?

Is Saddam connected to Al Qaida Network? Maybe. Maybe not. Again, does a suspicion merit enough to attack Iraq? No, it couldn’t be the reason. But what is it?

Is it the oil?
Iraq is one of the prime producers of oil in the world. If Saddam would be ousted and a US-friendly regime would be installed, it would be very convenient for the US to assert its business interest in Iraq! Very clever. Among the possible motives of US war against Iraq, it is the most realistic. It was reported that the US troops protected Iraq’s oil wells. And the way things are going, it appears that the US is more concerned about these oil wells than protecting the civilians. Exaggeration? No. Just count the numbers of people being killed.

Afghanistan is history. Iraq will follow soon. Who’s next?

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